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Fusion IONZ: Clinical Trial

Fusion Ionz FAR Infrared wearables are the only clinically studied products of it’s kind in the world. Our products have gone through a 3 phase, double blind, placebo based human clinical trial. The methods used were board certified and the results are eligible to be published. Overall the technology was tested for improvement to human performance, daily energy, pain relief and validation of Non Thermal FAR Infrared output.

The first phase tested overall human performance. This performance specifically tested muscle strength, overall balance, muscle flexibility, muscle endurance and daily energy. Participants saw an average of a 14.42% increase in overall performance. Participants saw an increase of 20.72% over placebo. 100% of the participants saw increased performance, with some seeing improvements as high as 27.7% 100% of the participants reported an increase in daily energy.

The second phase of the trial tested pain relief efficacy. Participants reported a reduction in pain of 8.82% after just 15 minutes. Participants then reported a decrease in pain of 20.46% after just 24 Hours. Furthermore, A 29.46% decrease in pain was reported after one week. Participants also reported better moods and better workouts with decreased pain. The trial proved that the longer a participant used the technology, the better the results became.

Finally, Fusion IONZ technology went through a full FAR Infrared analysis. This analysis was conduced by the Wuhan Product Quality Test Institute. They are the leading test center for FAR Infrared testing. FAR Infrared output is measured on a scale of 0 to 1. Fusion ionz technology tested at a rate of .87, which proves it is a very powerful source of FAR Infrared.

Overall, this clinical trial has proven the ability of Fusion Ionz products to help you #LiveYourBest.

You can view the full results of these clinical trials on

Thank you for your time.

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