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The NEW Reformulated Complete Mineral Complex

Hi, I’m Clint with Pharm Origins

Imagine a SINGLE substance that had the ability to support 300 crucial biological functions. Functions including your heart, brain and immune system.

A substance so powerful it is the first thing ER’s gives you when you walk in complaining of a heart condition. In fact, if this substance was a DRUG, it would be the most powerful drug in human history.

But, I’m not talking about a NEW super pharmaceutical, I am talking our REFORMULATED Complete Ionic Mineral Complex.

This is COMPLETE, like you have never seen. As strong and as pure as the minerals in a hospital IV bag.

Pharm Origins Complete is now clinically certified as the strongest and most absorbable liquid magnesium in the world. In many medical circles magnesium is known as the “miracle mineral”. In over 50 years of clinical trials this mineral has shown to have “life changing” benefits.

But here is a little known fact: as a population, we are terribly deficient. In fact the CDC estimates our deficiency rate has rose to over 90%. Our mission was simple. We wanted to find and harvest the purest magnesium in the world….. AND WE Did.

The answer was held inside the Great Salt Lake, which has been confirmed as the most potent source of pure ionic trace minerals. Pharm Origins Complete is exclusively excavated from this super source, where it is solar concentrated to boost nutrient output by a factor of 32, while eliminating 99% of the sodium content. What emerges is the most concentrated and absorbable liquid magnesium in the world. It is boosted by 72 other supporting trace minerals including calcium and potassium. Our formula is then housed and bottled, right here in Atlanta, GA under top tier manufacturing conditions.

For the first time in history pharmaceutical grade magnesium can be offered to the general public. You are in the right place at the right time.

Imagine having your energy stores and vigor renewed, like you were years younger.

Imagine giving yourself a fighting chance against the world’s worst diseases.

You can rest easy knowing you are giving your body what it needs to FIGHT and keep you healthy!

Overall, imagine how great you will feel when your body is once again, firing on all cylinders. Join the thousands who will not go a single day without consuming Pharm Origins Complete.

No matter your age, with Pharm Origins, you are #JustGettingStarted.

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