Pharm Origins Skin RENEW

Skin RENEW™ is a topical skin cream designed to protect your skin from aging.

– Smooths Wrinkles & Blemishes
– Increases Skin Elasticity
– Heals & Protects Your Skin

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Skin RENEW is a topical skin cream designed to protect your skin from aging. Comfrey root has been proven to assist heal and repair damaged skin. It has also been shown to increase skin elasticity and smooth blemishes of all kinds.

Born in the USA:

Pharm Origins was founded and proudly based in the USA since 2011. We are headquartered out of Atlanta, Georgia. All of our products are formulated, tested, blended and packaged according to the strictest manufacturing standards right at our corporate headquarters ensuring the highest quality and performance.


100% Active Ingredients:

Pharm Origins believes in ONLY putting scientifically tested ingredients in our formulas that have the potency to make a difference in human health. This means we do not add filler ingredients, flavors or low doses of ingredients simply to claim benefit. Every single product is formulated and tested with maximum human benefit in mind.

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Apply a dime-sized amount of the cream to affected area once daily. Rub product between hands and apply liberally to skin. For topical use only, not for human consumption.



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